Class 9 Physics Motion Uniform & Non-Uniform Motion

Uniform & Non-Uniform Motion

  • As the object covers equal distances in equal intervals of time, it is said to be in uniform motion.

Note: The time interval in this motion should be small.

Example- Motion of planets around Sun, they revolve at a constant speed. So the distance travelled in every equal time period is equal


  • Motions where objects cover unequal distances in equal intervals of time are considered non-uniform.

Example- Atheltes running, they are slow initally in their race but as the race preogresses their speed increases. Let us say they cover 1 km in the first hour , and after 1 hour they cover 3 km, so the distance covered in 1 hour is changing .


Note: If rate of change of any quantity with time is constant, it is said to be Uniform.

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