Class 8 Physics Light Braille System

Braille System for Visually Challenged Persons

Some persons could be visually handicapped. They could be born with no or poor eyesight, or in some cases, they would have lost their eyesight due to an accident or a disease. But these people, use other sensory organs like touch, hearing, speech to identify, listen, talk and communicate. They could be either Non-optical aids(Hearing Aids, Braille Kit, Audio cassettes/CDs etc) or Optical Aids (Lenses Spectacles,  Bifocals). The Braille is the most commonly used by blind to read.

The Braille script is an alphabet set used by the blind for reading and writing. Each Braille character is made up of a combination of 6 dots arranged in a matrix form. A dot may be raised or flat and the blind touch and feel these combinations of raised and flat dots to encode the alphabets.

This system was developed by Louis Braille, a visually handicapped person in 1821.

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