Class 8 Physics Light Image formation in a plane mirror

Image formation in a plane mirror

Note: A clear still surface of water behaves like a plane mirror. This explains why we see reflection of sceneries in a river

  • The object is placed at A.
  • The object could emit many rays of light, which are the incident rays. Now let us assume A-O1 and A-O2 are 2 incident rays.
  • O1-N1 and O2-N2 are the normals at the point O1 and O2 for the incident rays.
  • Draw the reflected rays (according to the laws of reflection) O1-B1 and O2-B2.
  • Extend the reflected rays behind the surface of the mirror.
  • The point at which they meet I, is the point a which the image of Object A is formed.
  • Note that the distance from the object to the mirror is the same as the distance of the image to the mirror.

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