Class 7 Chemistry Fibre to Fabric Wool


The hair present in the body of animals traps the air in between the hairy fibres. The trapped air being a poor conductor of heat prevents the flow of heat from their body to the cold surroundings and vice versa thereby makes these animals feel warm.

Wool is obtained from the hairy animals like sheep, goat, yak and many other animals. Coarse beard hair and fine soft under-hair close to the skin are the two types of fibres forming the fleece of these animals.

Fig. Sheep (top left), goat (top right) and yak (bottom)


Some other popularly used wool are as follows:

  • Yak wool is popularly used in Tibet and Ladakh.
  • Angora wool obtained from angora goats, found in hilly regions such as Jammu and Kashmir. The under fur of Kashmiri goat is soft. It is woven into fine shawls called Pashmina shawls.
  • The fur (hair) on the body of camels is also used as wool.
  • Llama and Alpaca, found in South America, also yield wool.

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