Class 11 Biology Cell : The Unit of Life Cilia and flagella

Cilia and flagella

  • Cilia and flagella are hair-like outgrowths of the cell membrane.
  • Cilia and flagella help in cell movement.
  • Core of cilia and flagella is called the axoneme, possesses a number of microtubules running parallel to the long axis.
  • The axoneme usually has nine pairs of doublets of radially arranged peripheral microtubules, and a pair of centrally located microtubules. Such an arrangement of axonemal microtubules is referred to as the 9+2 array.
  • The central tubules are connected by bridges and is also enclosed by a central sheath, which is connected to one of the tubules of each peripheral doublets by a radial spoke and hence there are nine radial spokes.
  • The peripheral doublets are also interconnected by linkers.
  • Both the cilium and flagellum emerge from centriole-like structure called the basal bodies.


Fig. Cilia and flagellum

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