Q- I am a student, how can I use this site?
A- You can watch quality video lesson on physics, chemistry, maths & biology FREE of cost

Q- How can we help you?
A- You can spread the word about these videos so that more and more students can be benefited. Also, you can contribute through the Contribute link provided on the website.

Q- Is this sufficient for IIT entrance preparation?
A-We currently have video lessons focusing on concepts of all Science subjects, which are required while you prepare for IIT. However, IIT entrance preparation would need a lot of problem solving exercises besides the concepts, which are currently not included here.

Q- Can I score well in boards with this?
A-Yes, you can be a Top Scorer in Boards with ExamFear

Q- Do I need to go to school if I follow your classes?
A- ExamFear is an additional support for students after school hours. You would still need to go to the school.

Q- Do I need to register to watch videos lessons?
A- No, you can very well watch the video lessons without being registered

Q-Video is not opening up? What to do?
A-You can try out the below options:
• Check the internet connectivity
• Try using a different browser
• Try to refresh the page