What is Tutorship?

Tutor is a teacher who facilitates education for an individual student.

"Good tutors make good students"

A student gets so many Tutors in his/her student life, but only few of them are remembered. Teaching is not a joke. Confidant, passionate, understanding, good communication skills, a vast pool of knowledge, willingness to help, dedication to teach student etc are some of the basic characteristics of a Tutor.

"The best Tutor teaches from the heart, not from the book".

Tutor should understand the student, make him/her comfortable and motivate him/her to learn. A Tutor who is attempting to teach without inspiring the student is hammering on cold iron.

"A good Tutor is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others."

It is very difficult to find such Tutor in the real world. Every student is not fortunate enough to get ideal Tutor.

We at ExamFear provide a platform to meet your ideal Tutor.

If you feel that you can be an ideal tutor for a student, please do enroll yourself as tutor for FREE...

Why to become tutor?

1. Help a student grow

2. Earn money

3. Earn respect

4. Self satisfaction

If you need an ideal tutor, browse through list of good tutors in this website to get one.

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