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What is Mentorship?

Mentor is a trusted and experienced counselor, advisor, coach, guru or friend.

Mentee is a person who is guided by a trusted and experienced mentor.

Mentoring relationship is based on trust and experience and is one of the purest forms of relationship in the planet. A mentor provides crucial advice in a casual manner to mentee.

"Mentor plays a cardinal role in chalking out bright career for Mentee".

The success or failure of mentoring process is closely tied to how well the mentor/mentee is matched.

"It is always good to have an experienced mentor"

If you are preparing for IIT, a person who has already cleared IIT entrance will be the best mentor for you. Mentee should be able to indentify his/her need. Mentors exist around us in our locality.

"A small mentorship session of 30 minutes a week can change life of mentee all together".

The main challenge is to find one who can provide you with the assistance you need. ExamFear is a platform where mentor and mentee meets


Why to become mentor?

  • While providing mentorship, one always learns from the mentee's experiences and challenges.
  • The mentee may have some new job skills or knowledge that you do not have.
  • Being a mentor gives you an opportunity to give back to the society and to examine and validate what you have learned
  • The most powerful and least expensive way to change the world, one life at a time, is to take the time to reach out to others, share your life's wisdom, and convey your Respect for them.
  • You feel satisfied, proud, and rejuvenated with positive thoughts as you see the benefits that your experiences bring to another person.
  • You develop ability to groom people for future leadership

Why to become Mentee?

  • A small mentorship session of 30 minutes a week can change life of mentee all together.
  • Being a Mentee helps you grow in all aspects of life.
  • You first learn more about yourself and do a lot of introspection.
  • As a Mentee, you can create or revise your personal vision, develop a plan to achieve your goals, improve upon your weaknesses, and overcome your challenges with the support of your mentor.
  • By working with a mentor, you achieve greater clarity and are able to implement your vision.
  • You avoid mistakes which are already incurred by your mentee in achieving the same goal.

If you feel that you are champion in a particular field and can guide a person to chalk out career please enroll yourself as mentor.

If you are preparing for any entrance or are confused with your career, please do search for a mentor in our website.

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